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We challenge the status quote by constantly improving our lead times for your custom cables and the overall customer experience. We happen to understand our customers and the urgency of their projects. Get a Quote on your custom cables right now!


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Customer Service

For Engineers

Find in us years of experience on many different industries, we speak your technical language and understand you and your spec drawings. We will Save you headaches by providing you Quality, Accuracy, and Reliability on our work and services. We create Trust with our customers and work as a team to solve problems.

For Purchasers

Save Time and Money with us, find in us excellent Customer Support and detailed tracking details for your orders. We will help you and your company get the cables delivered quickly. No Delays Guaranteed! Speak with us to learn how to open an account.

Local and Overseas Manufacturing

Quick turnaround of assemblies locally or overseas. We can produce cables fast to meet your project lead times. Don’t waste time talking and waiting on other companies, we will help you close your project in no time!

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Custom Cables Made Easy

Let us work with you from scratch to building the cable that you need. We will save you money and headaches, our engineers will help you to get the assembly that you need.