Do you know the coaxial cables and their composition?

Do you know the coaxial cables and their composition?

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Could you tell us what a coaxial cable is? And the composition of these? Do not worry, we will tell you what they are and what function they fulfill their mission of transporting electronic information safely.

Coaxial cables

We should start by explaining where the word coaxial comes from. This appears from the contraction of “common acces” that causes the word coax to be created. This type of cable is used to carry high-frequency electrical signals and is divided into two well-differentiated conductors: live and shield.

The living person, also usually called the soul, is the conductor that is mainly in charge of transporting the information.

The shield, the other conductor of the coaxial cable, is the one in charge of making the ground reference.

More than once, this can be replaced by fiber optic cables to be able to carry very high frequency signals, especially if they are long connections.

Do you know the coaxial cables and their composition?

Let’s know the composition of the coaxials

Regarding the composition of a coaxial cable, we could differentiate it into four its four different parts: the dielectric, the core, the mesh and the sheath.


The dielectric is a layer that is capable of insulating the core of the wire mesh. Basically the function of this part of the cable is to cover the core, so that a short circuit is not caused when the two parts that it separates come together.

Depending on the quality of the dielectric we will see a cable of better or worse quality, since if it is more fragile it can usually cause a cable to stop working partially or totally. That is why it is of the utmost importance that high quality coaxial cables are purchased.


The core is the center part of the cable. This is the element that is responsible for transporting the information, that is, the frequency signals.

This is usually formed by a solid strand of iron wire, or on the contrary, by several copper strands. Both of these give that solid characteristic to this component of the coaxial cable.


Another component of the cable is the wire mesh. This is an insulator from electrical noise or distortion that comes from continuous wires. In addition, it can be supplemented with a metal foil to achieve a more powerful interceptor.

On the other hand, instead of wire mesh, we can find coiled sheets or corrugated tubes as a component of coaxial cables, which fulfill the same function as previously described.


Finally we find the covers. These in almost all cases are designed of plastic, Teflon or rubber; to get a good coating.
These are used to wrap the cable to avoid electric shocks with human contact or due to inclement weather when using the cable.

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