How to convert Coaxial Cable to RCA?

How to convert Coaxial Cable to RCA?

The composite cable was the most common “ideal” method to connect an audio or video device to television throughout the 1990s. The cable had three channels: the yellow channel for videos, the white left-side audio, and the red to provide right-side audio. However, things have changed, and coaxial cables are the most common connection method used today for television. They have only one connector instead of the three that are found in the composite cable. The process of connecting composite cables (red, white, blue, and yellow) to coaxial cables is easy but requires a separate device.


Coaxial cables are typically utilized to connect cable or satellite TV services to a TV. The cable’s end has a threaded plug that is an unbending wire inside. You may need to transform the coaxial plug into an RCA plug to connect certain devices like connecting a DVD recorder or VCR to the satellite box and your TV. The conversion can be accomplished using an adapter available in electronics stores.


How to convert Coaxial Cable to RCA?


Converting Coaxial to RCA Input


The most efficient method of getting coaxial cables to RCA input is using a video cassette recorder device. Conventional VCRs can connect both RCA cables and coaxial cables. If you do not have the equipment, you can quickly purchase it at nearby electronics shops or online websites. It is possible that you will require an RCA adapter (or RCA Phono connector or Phono connector) to coaxial or a coaxial to RCA adapter to establish the right connection with your TV set.


Now, follow the steps below:


1) Without using an adapter


Step 1 Join the cables.


On the side of the VCR’s device, You will have specific ports labeled for coaxial and RCA inputs. Connect both cables to their respective ports. Make sure you connect the output end, and that of the RCA cables input ends to the backs of the device. There is no need to worry about it since the ports have been constructed to accommodate the right ends.


Step 2: Connect to the TV


In the TV set or any other audio or video device, you will find color-coded ports that allow you to connect to RCA cables. The other end of the RCA cables with the corresponding ports on the back of the TV.


Step 3: Begin and complete setup.


Turn on the VCR and your TV. Select ‘TV’ as a video input. Then, navigate through channels using the aid of the remote control of the VCR.


Note: If you’re using cable TV boxes to watch channels on your TV, use the same method as earlier. The only difference is that you’ll use the cable box, not the VCR box.



2) Using an adapter


Step-1: Connect the coaxial cable


The coaxial cable is connected to one side of the satellite or cable box. The other end can be opened by removing the cable by unwinding it from the second device.


Step 2 Connect an RCA adapter.


Then, you need to get your threaded RCA adapter and connect the coaxial cable plug onto it. Be careful not to bend or bend wire within the socket.


Step 3 Join your RCA cable.


The adapter comes with a female connector port. Plug in the RCA cable that you want to connect. Connect the other part of your RCA cable to the television or any other device where you would like to stream the content. You’ve got the signal via the coaxial input by the RCA adapter.


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