What are the types of data cables?

What are the types of data cables?

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A transmission mechanism is needed to transfer data from a source to a destination. The information is habitually a signal that has to travel a long distance. That is why the transmission media can be wireless or wired. In the second scenario, the signal travels along the wire from one device to another. But in wireless transmission, the electromagnetic waves are carried without the need for a physical conductor.

Data cables are a vital component of a computer because they supply a connection between various hardware elements. This allows a computer to communicate with its different elements. A data wire additionally lets a computer to communicate with additional computers.

Basic Definitions

A data cable is, basically, any kind of media able to carrying a binary electrical transmission signal. Binary data is a sequence of “1s” and “0s” that are transmitted as an electrical signal between two locations.

Inner Communication

A data cable enables communication between hardware elements within a PC. A great example of this is a cable for a hard drive that connects a hard drive to a motherboard. This allows the electrical transference of information to and from the hard drive.

Network Communication

A data cable permits communication between various computers over a network. For example; an Ethernet cable that is employed for connecting computers via a network interface card connected to the PC.

Peripheral Cabling

Peripherals, like cameras, scanners, and printers, are connected through a data wire as well. These data cables could USB or firewire.

As stated before, data cables are utilized to send information between devices and systems like servers, personal computers, and other hardware elements. There are three primary types of data cables employed to transmit data: twisted pair, coax and fiber optic cables. These three varieties of cables are used in different circumstances.

Twisted Pair

Twisted pair wires are mainly employed in computer networking and telephony. The majority of cable networks are wired utilizing shielded twisted pair, which is a kind of data cable that has a cover to reduce the amount of signal degradation from other sources. Twisted pair receives its name from the twists in the wires that span throughout the cabling. The twists in the wires help preserve the data transmissions from signal deterioration. Twisted pair cabling has a limit to how far they can extend before the signal gets damaged.


Coaxial (also known as coax) cable is utilized in older computer networks. Coaxial cabling was displaced by shielded twisted pair as a standard for the computer industry. But, coaxial is still utilized for cable networks to provide television communication data. A Coaxial cable is a large, round wire with an internal core wire that sends the data. Surrounding the core is an insulator and shield to preserve the data communication signal.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic cable is the recommended option for fast data connections. Fiber is utilized by telephony and cable companies to provide secure and fast connections to the Internet. Fiber optics utilizes light and glass as the mechanics for data transmissions.

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