What is an RF Antenna

What is an RF Antenna?

What is an RF Antenna?

The principal usage of an RF Antenna input is typically to connect a TV antenna, cable TV wire, or satellite feed to a television, VCR, or another device that can process radio-frequency video signals, like some computers. They are usually found on the back of television sets. It is sometimes known as a coaxial input or cable input. Knowing when to use an RF signal and how it varies from other signs can be helpful when setting up some computer and video systems.

As stated before, an RF antenna input is utilized to connect a DVD player, VCR, antenna, cable box, or another device to the television set through a coaxial cable. These thick wires generally have screw-in heads to help preserve the connection.




The most typical RF input has a resemblance to a short, thick bolt around 1/4 inch in diameter and 1/4 inch long. The cable cord screws into the bolt. Older television sets may have two screws alongside, intended to attach wires from a cable called a twin lead. There is an electrical difference between the 2 types of connectors. An adapter may be needed to connect twin-lead wires to a round RF input or vice versa. The adapters are cheap and widely available.

RF Signals

A radio frequency signal is an electrical transmission emitted as a radio wave. It travels from the transmitting antenna to the receiving antenna. The transmission is carried at different frequencies by different channels. Based on conditions, the signal can be caught as far as 80 miles from the transmitting antenna. An RF signal can be carried on cables that have been set up correctly as well, either from a surrounding broadcast antenna or as part of a cable TV distribution system serving an area varying from a building to an entire city. 


Some of the uses of RF Antennas are: 

Receiving RF Signals

A television image encoded as an RF signal consists of video and audio, both of which are decoded employing a tuner. The main difference between a television set and a monitor is that a monitor is unable to process an RF signal immediately. Most television sets, VCRs, and cable TV boxes allow you to output the decoded video and audio signal to other gadgets.

Sending RF signals

Using an RF signal to transmit video and audio from a device to another should be one of the last options since it is always the lowest-quality alternative. Yet, with older television sets, RF may be the only solution available. Most VCRs, legacy game consoles, satellite receivers, and cable descramblers can support an RF signal, generally on channel 3.

Additional RF Antenna Uses

RF transmissions are also utilized for FM radio signals and Wi-Fi computer networks. FM radios and audio/video receivers may have an RF input for the radio antenna or a connection for a cable system carrying FM radio transmissions. Wi-Fi antennas regularly connect directly to the wireless transmitter.



  • It is out-of-date when compared to other connections such as composite, component, and HDMI.
  • It can’t transmit an HD signal
  • It is vulnerable to interference from radio waves and other electronic devices.


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