What is the range of a coaxial cable?

What is the range of a coaxial cable?

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What is the range of a coaxial cable?

Patented 140 years ago, coaxial cable has been a common way of transmitting high-frequency electric signals across distances with low signal loss. It has many applications, which include telephone trunk lines, cable television signals, and cell phone boosters. Cables are available in many sizes and lengths, each created for a particular purpose.

Coaxial cable has an inner and outer core that shares a geometric axis. This blocks electromagnetic interference and enables more stable data transmission over longer distances.

How is Coaxial Cable Assembled?

Coaxial cable is built from a single copper or copper-coated steel cable as the central core, which carries the high-frequency signal. A dielectric nonconductor encloses this wire, usually made of plastic, that maintains a constant distance between the middle conductor and the next layer. This insulator is covered with a metal shield made of aluminum, woven copper, or other metal. This eliminates outside electromagnetic interference. The last layer is a rubber wrapper that covers the whole configuration.

How Does Coaxial Cable Work?

A coaxial wire conducts a signal that goes across the middle copper wire as well as the metal shield. Both of these metal conductors produce a magnetic field. The nonconductors keep the signals from coming in contact with or canceling out each other. The nonconductors also preserve the signal from outside magnetic fields. Consequently, the signal is carried across long distances with limited signal loss or interference.

Uses and Applications

Coaxial Cable is employed by cable operators, internet providers, and telephone companies. If you have internet service or cable television, you have a coaxial wire installed in your home. Coaxial cables are also utilized for connecting VCRs to tv or connecting your television set or digital convertor box to a personal antenna.

What is the range of a coaxial cable?

There are three types of ranges which you should consider.


Range in terms of Length of cable to which the signal will be transmitted will depend on the frequency of the signal. Higher the frequency, the higher the attenuation or deterioration of the signal. Attenuation is also expressed dB/100m or in dB/meter. If a wire specified 6. 90 DB/100m at 550 MHz, it means that the signal amplitude or signal value shall attenuate by 6.90 dB every 100m.


It is dependent on the structure of the cable, quality of the cable, and material employed in the manufacture of the cable. Usually, a standard Coaxial cable can be pass frequencies up to 5 gigahertz. For higher frequencies to be transmitted, you require special coaxial cables. This range is also termed as Bandwidth of cable.


A conventional coaxial cable can pass about 90VAC through the coaxial cable. Cable variations like RG-11, RG-500 can transmit approximately 90VAC through the signal. For higher voltages, you require higher grade cables. For high power, coaxial cables utilized in transmission signals e.g., 5KW FM Antenna, high power cables like 1/2 inch Flex Cable, or 7/8 Inch Flex Feeder, 1–5/8 inch Flex Feeder are employed.

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