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Custom LMR®-300 Cables

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About the Custom Cable Services we provide
  • Find in us experience making the cable for your project
  • Save time and money for your solution. 100% Guaranteed
  • Work 1:1 with an Engineer who understand your cable needs
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Custom Made LMR®-300 Assemblies

  • We can use a wide range of LMR®-300 wire (Regular of Multicore Ultraflexible) to crimp or solder the connectors that you need for your assembly. We specialize on a wide selection of connectors including but not limited to SMB, N-Type, SMA, Fakra, BNC, F, PLA, MMCX, MCX, UHF, PL259, RP-SMA, etc.
  • Heat Shrink and Labels available to customer specifications
  • Testing available for your assemblies based on your customer’s needs
  • Cables individually bagged and boxed if needed

*LMR® is a trademark of  Times Microwave Systems.

Whether you need 1 or 1000 cables, we have the capability of manufacturing at a high rate with quality

  • Are you in a rush to finish your project? we can use your lead time to accommodate your needs and get you the cable assembly you need to finish your project
  • We will save you a headache if you deal with order companies, we have the knowledge and experience to get the product that you need quick
  • Does 25% savings sound like a good plan? This is the average savings compared to other custom cable houses. Shipping is also Free on your first order
  • Don’t risk into delaying, we will get your cables delivered in time

Why Readytogocables?

  • Work with one engineer to narrow down the product that you need. We assign individual reps to projects
  • We can handle the size of your project. Find quality crimping and soldering of many types of connectors
  • Doing business with us has never been easier. Ask our employees about opening an account.
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  • Trust the cable experts! We know how important and critical this is for you
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